Our Products

All products are proudly manufactured in the Pakistan with 100% Cotton .

We make a wide range of prescription and consumer products , prescribed Gauzes, Lap sponges, Parrafin Tulle ,Medicrepe Bandages and consumer Cotton Wool and Cotton Bandage products.


Absorbent, single-use surgical tools, for use across a wide array of medical specialties. Our products are all made in the Pakistan and created to meet the requirements of new and improved surgical techniques. Karim Industries are out-perform our competitors in all key categories, from greatest absorbency and quality to best pliability.


Cotton Bandage BPC/BP-II

Crepe Bandage

Gauze Swab Non-Sterilized

zig zag cotton

Gauze Abdominal Sponges BPC

Gauze Swab (Soft Gauze) Sterilized

Absorbent Gauze Roll

Ortho Cot

Absorbent Cotton Wool

Cotton Balls

Features Of Products

Product Feature

Karim Industries

Innovative Single Use-Surgical Goods

High-Quality Surgical Products, Gauze Swabs (Soft Gauze) Sterilized / Non Sterilized, Abdominal Gauze Sponges, Cotton Bandages BPC / BP-II, Medi Crepe Bandage, Absorbent Cotton Wool BPC, Gauze Tulle, Cotton Balls, Zig Zag Cotton and Plaster Of Paris (POP).

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